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Ground Water Science Publications and Manuals - Sustainable Wells CoverGround Water Science is proud to offer a variety of publications and manuals through which we can continue to share our extensive knowledge of ground water systems and water well system design and management.

Whether or not you are able to work with us as consultants or to attend one of our professional seminars, you deserve to add these comprehensive texts to your library today!


Sustainable Wells is available from CRC Press and the NGWA

We also offer our own manuals by download. Email "info at" for details and we'll give you options for payment. Note: We will entertain interests in translating either of these.

Wellfield Operations and Maintenance Water Quality Testing Manual: What you need to test for and how to use the information to enhance O&M (or asset management) of your own wellfield (2012).

Well Performance Testing and Maintenance Reference Manual: Some of the Water Quality Manual and adding discussion of management and well rehabilitation. Includes questions and answers -- originally intended as a training manual long ago but much updated (2013).




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Tip of the Day

Well cleaning requires physical action. Mild maintenance may be accomplished by surging with the pump, but true cleaning requires rig cleaning.